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Why Us

Software House in Poland, why outsource your projects?

It is not a myth that you can find highly skilled IT professionals in Poland, it is a fact. Imagine you have them working for your company without you having to expand your office space or hire more people. How does that sound?

We know international business

Wondering whether an outsourcing partner will understand your overseas market? Thanks to our vast international experience (we have lived and worked in many countries) we don't only create the software you want, but the one that delivers great business results where you are.

High quality

People are satisfied when products they create work and provide great results. This is why we have implemented many procedures, codes of good practices and quality assurance tools to make sure YOU are satisfied with products we deliver.

We want to create global solutions

We love taking up challenging tasks and we want to work on global, ambitious projects - this is when we can bring our best to the table. That is the reason why we so much enjoy working with international customers!

  • Web applications
  • Search engine optimization
  • Cloud consulting and management
  • Project Management
  • Android apps
  • UX Driven Design
  • Infrastructure design

We have made dozens of customers happy in the past few years. Check out what they're saying about us.

What we do for you

Advanced customizability and attention to details will help you get your own website up and running in no time.

Handle rapid user traffic growth

Buying infrastructure that will handle millions of visitors is very simple. Well, only if you have an unlimited budget. The challenge is to buy or rent infrastructure that will be easily scalable when needs grow. Should you go for cloud solutions or for a dedicated infrastructure? Which one will deliver better results and lower costs for your business? We would be happy to share our experience and help you find the best solution.

Design and implement server infrastructure

New challenges appear when running applications that target wider audience. Buying a strong virtual server is simply not enough - your website may go down every time you hear about your brand on TV or read about it on some popular blog. And that is when your website should be running absolutely smoothly. We will help you choose the right infrastructure for today and for tomorrow. And plan your costs reasonably too.

Website and web application support

Looking not only for a reliable software house but also for a professional support provider? Nobody (well, almost nobody) launches their web product and does not need to take care of the business anymore. We would be happy to share our expertise with you not only while working on your project but also whenever you need quick support reaction or just a piece of advice once your product is up and running.

Make your website mobile or die

If you're not reaching, engaging, and monetizing customers on mobile, you're likely losing them to someone else. In many industries the more and more traffic comes from mobile devices. We can make your existing website look great on smaller screens or create a dedicated solution for your product.

Deliver custom software solutions

Custom means tailored to your needs. No more working with packaged software with 1000's of features, when you use only 10 of them and the one you really need is missing. Let's create better software together, which will do what it was designed to do and be simple and easy to use.

Make running your business easier

There is no one-size-fits-all solution to make every business or product work. Therefore, we always listen to your expectations in order to adjust our solutions to your company's specific business needs. In this way we ensure that products we deliver are the perfect fit for you and help you run your business with ease.

We use

We design & develop quality products to help small & medium-sized businesses
We Create Amazing Things with Passion since 2002
  • PHP

    The new PHP versions provide great flexibility and efficiency for most websites and web applications. We believe it is a great choice for ambitious and experienced programmers who do not always want to take the easiest paths. There are not many limitations to what cannot be done using PHP. It can also very well manage big, multiserver applications that are to handle big traffic.

  • Databases

    In our everyday work we mostly use MySQL. That includes both creating queries and optimizing them, as the customer's project grows and there is a need to manage constantly growing amount of data. Looking for alternatives? No problem. We are also experienced in Percona, Oracle, MSSQL, MongoDB, Elasticsearch and SphinxSearch database solutions.


    Every project that we work on involves the use of various tools that help us collaborate with you when creating, testing and delivering software. This includes software versioning and revision control tools, automated testing tools, staging and production environments management tools as well as project management software. Organized workspace helps us deliver great results!

  • Linux

    We are proud supporters of open source solutions. This is why we usually recommend open source software for server operations system, virtualization software, server tools as well as development and maintenance environment. In most cases, there's really no need to buy overpriced licenses for software that has good open source alternatives (and we know what works and what does not).

  • MEDtube
  • Certyfikaty24
  • Verbono
  • Misiga
  • RoweryStylowe
  • AluLids


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Outsourcing that works

We design & develop quality products to help small & medium-sized businesses
First we analyze your business

Most software agencies skip this stage, which we think is the most significant one. Before we start creating software for you we want to understand your WHY - understand not only what your business does, but also what makes it special, what are your competitive advantages, who are your target customers and what are the reasons for your commitment to the success of the project. Knowing what is important for you, we can create products that help you achieve your real goals.


We do realize how important it is for you to be up to date with the ongoing progress. Therefore, you can stay in touch with us throughout the development phase of the project and afterwards. We would like you to consider us not only as software suppliers, but also as your advisors. We believe the key is to communicate and learn from each other.

High quality code

Sometimes coding may take longer than it possibly could, but let's be honest - nobody wants to pay for poor software quality. If your objectives are to obtain a product with basic features that works so-so and will have to be fixed later, then we must say no. Following procedures and best coding practices is a win-win solution. Using sophisticated software will let you focus on the most crucial aspects of your business, and will let us make efficient use of our time.

Warranty and support

All software we deliver comes with warranty and free support. And we mean it. You will obtain direct access to our internal project management software, where you can report issues, ask for advice or request new features for your software. Our internal information flow system guarantees you receive a response as soon as possible.

Our Team

We are a small, skilled and experienced group of people that run our own services in Poland since 2002. We work with both domestic and international customers. Please read more about our main brand MSERWIS. We are real people. Get to know us!

Defining direction and business strategy of the company, communicating with the market, providing direct care and advice on our clients' key projects.

Lead Developer

Defining technology strategy of the company, ensuring stability and security of services, designing systems and applications.

Office Manager/Customer Service Specialist

Building and maintaining relationships with customers, efficient realization of customer orders and providing office support services.

Office Manager/Customer Service Specialist

Building and maintaining relationships with customers, efficient realization of customer orders and providing office support services.


Custom design and implementation of e-commerce websites, designing and implementing web applications.

Front-end developer

Front-end development, cutting graphic files and convert them to code according to the latest web standards.

Graphic Designer

Assessment and development of a corporate visual identity for our clients.


Implementing new technologies within the company, developing and providing support for our customers' applications.

Graphic Designer

Website design, supervising cohesion in design, development of a corporate visual identity for our clients.

Front-end developer

Front-end development, cutting graphic files and convert them to code according to the latest web standards.

Marketing Specialist

Developing marketing strategy to promote the company's brand, building its online presence, managing the company's blog.


We have worked with dozens of clients. Check out what our awesome clients are saying about us.


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