Domain names generators – 5 the most interesting tools

There are many domain name generators available on the web. Before launching one of them, it is worth focusing on the topic of selecting the name which our domain will use.

Domain names generators – Introduction

Fortunately, the universe knows no vacuum – especially in the Internet industry. Therefore, the industry dynamically responds to the needs of its customers. It results in the huge number of the tools meant to facilitate, often offering their service in return for free access to the tool a weary Internet user in navigating in the virtual world.

In response to the unquestionable demand of users (including the constantly growing market of domains), the tools helping in the generation of a proper name have been created. In the era of the triumphant march of new extensions of domains through browsers around the world – said tools are undoubtedly needed.

Below we present the selection of a few domain names generators – in our opinion, the most interesting.


Probably the most interesting application of this type. After typing the desired name, the program searches for available domains presenting the results in a few separate categories:

  • COMMON – your name + the most common generic extension (.com, .net, .org)
  • SIMILAR – allows generating an alternative to the name of your domain by using, among others, the resources of the largest Internet dictionary of synonyms and antonyms Thesaurus
  • NEW – checks the availability for new, already running extensions
  • SEO – section displaying domain names proposed for SEO
  • SHORT – displays domain names created by overlapping keywords and country-code domains, e.g.:,, etc.
  • EXTRA – your name with popular top-level domains such as .co, .io, .it, .mobi, .name, .me, .ly and many more.
  • FUN – modifies proposed keywords to create new domain names
  • MIX – generates domain names by mixing keywords with popular suffixes such as: .ly, .er, and others.

NameMesh operates only in English.


Very simplified name generator that shows a long list with results of suggested names. You can decide whether suggested domain names will include a keyword at the beginning or at the end of the name. The advantage is the ability to generate domain names in five languages: English, French, Spanish, German, and Italian.


Impossibility! is promoted on its homepage as the best name generator. Does this marketing nerviness translate into the functionality of a tool? Let the users judge for themselves. As it is with other generators, we enter a keyword that is connected by the program with a list of nouns, verbs, and adjectives. This is an interesting functionality, however, the tool has several limitations which make it difficult for us to share the enthusiasm of the producer who writes about the best generator. The biggest disadvantages include:

  • showing domain names only with a generic domain .com;
  • only the names of domains including a keyword at the end of the name are presented in the search results;
  • the generator suggests the names including a minimum of 4 words (in a form of noun, verb, or adjective) – it doesn’t suggest shorter names.

It is difficult to avoid the impression that the tool was invented to rack up the registrations for an industry giant. Compared to NameMesh, its capabilities seem extremely limited.



Interesting and expanded tool for generating names. Like Naminum, it constructs domain names in five languages: English, French, Spanish, German, and Italian. You as the user can decide whether the keyword will begin, finish, or include the suggested name. You can also choose how many words the suggested name will be made. The downside is showing the names available for registration only with the .com and .net extension. The advantage (after login in) is the possibility to save interesting domain names and checking the current search history.



A simple, but very interesting tool for creating domain names. Domainr suggests, for the word given by us, various options using less common extensions. Its advantage is an interesting way of presenting the results. There you will find domain names that are:

  • available for registration,
  • for sale,
  • bookable.

An interesting option is showing the results from the WHOIS base after moving the cursor on any domain and the possibility of placing a resale offer. We recommend this tool for slightly more advanced users.

We finish our review of domain name generators at this tool, but we realize that there are many more similar tools. Among them, it is worth mentioning Panabee and Dot-o-mator (both available as phone apps), Naming or Cool Name Ideas. However, we hope that the above list will be useful for you when choosing an ideal domain name. If you think that other tools should be described in this article – let us know in the comments.

Have you already chosen a domain name? It’s time to register it!

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