A few rules how to make the IT outsourcing work

When it comes to the outsourcing you’re not sure what to think… Ultimately you’ve heard some discouraging stories from your colleagues how it was supposed to be. Outsourcing company promised affordable costs, highest quality, vast experience… but they didn’t keep their word.

The idea of outsourcing terrifies you a bit… Do these terms: lack of good cooperation, misunderstood specifications, chaotic information flow, sudden additional costs sound familiar to you?

Well, IT outsourcing doesn’t have to be an unpleasant experience, provided that… you follow these rules.

Before you start the cooperation

how to cooperate with outsourcing company

The most difficult task could be finding an appropriate partner. This process could be long and tough, yet crucial for your project’s success. If you choose wisely, your company will benefit from this in the long term.

  • Determine your expectations. What’s your organizational culture? What are your company’s objectives and values? Assess your budget. How the outsourcing company can help you achieve corporate goals? Note down the answers.
  • With reference to what you’ve noted, start doing the research. Check some useful portals like Quora, Clutch and try to choose a few companies that fit you the most.
  • Examine them precisely. First check company’s reliability. When was the company established? How many employees does the company have ? Find out where their offices are. May they have Instagram? Make sure who is on the other side.
  • Check their portfolio. Do their projects look professional and attractive? Do they seem like a good fit for your company?
  • Find more details concerning their experience. It’s strictly connected with a previous point. How many projects has company completed? Are they interesting? Will you be satisfied with getting a similar outcome?
  • Read their clients’ reviews. Good reputation is very significant in terms of choosing the right partner. You should both google them and check out on trusty websites, like Clutch, where you can familiarize yourself with verified clients’ reviews.

After choosing the IT outsourcing partner

After the extensive search, finally you’ve chosen the right partner and you think that now everything will work itself out. I must let you down… It takes both sides to make the IT outsourcing work.

how to make the IT outsourcing work

Apply the following practices to your company in order to avoid committing the most common errors

  • Avoid language barriers – speaking a common language is essential to assure a smooth and efficient communication.
  • Be mindful of cultural differences – people of different mentalities can interpret the simple ‘yes’ differently. Working with people with a similar mindset will let you focus on the job
  • Set communication rules – establish a weekly conference call schedule and keep it. Encourage daily and direct communication to be able to ask questions or clarify matters and get an immediate feedback.
  • Keep track of everything – don’t assume anything – agree on everything and have it confirmed in writing via email or a management tool. It’s crucial for issue resolution as well as issue  tracking.
  • Agree on requirements and expectations – before the project starts make sure you’ve agreed on requirements, metrics, expectations, schedule, costs, payment schedules and deliverables. Make sure everything is absolutely clear from the beginning.
  • Remain vigilant – catch anything that’s off track as early as possible. Watch out for red flags such as poor communication, poor work, over promising and under delivering, etc.

Do you have your own ways to make the IT outsourcing work? Let us know in the comments!

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