Rebranding of Dotinum

We are proud to announce the launch of our new, rebranded look. A lot of things have changed and that is why we want to use this opportunity to show you how to manage and navigate through such a huge task.

Rebranding – why is it important?

Sometimes rebranding is necessary because the profile of the company changed, visuals are outdated or it lacks overall consistency. The good and proper rebranding could serve as a breath of fresh air.

Why was rebranding necessary?

In our case, it was the consistency, or rather, lack of it. We wanted to unify our visuals and the overall look of the company. It was also a good moment to update our social media profiles:

  • Instagram,
  • Linkedin,

and to create a new one on Pinterest.

How to lead rebranding?

Set up a goal

Look at your product (in our case it was the website) and think about what needs to be changed or improved. Make a list of what you need to do, for example, change the logo, rebuild your whole company, create new content, and so on.

Look at your competition

We are not saying that you can or should duplicate others’ work, but it is a good way to get insights into what you find appealing and what kind of solutions are popular and successful in your field. Our graphic designer always spends an hour or two looking at articles, images or already existing solutions. It always sparks imagination and makes the whole process way much easier and quicker.

Create new content

If you work with a graphic designer or design agency, brief them about the details. Let them know what you want to achieve, what you do, add a few images of things that you like, and so on. All the information that you share with professionals will be a huge help.

If, like us, you have your own graphic designer, a brief will still be useful, but it does not have to be detailed as much as for someone outside of your company, as this person already works with you and knows your goals.

You can apply the same rules to the written content.

Test, test, test – and don’t be afraid of changing the project

Creating a preliminary draft and embedding it on a real product are two different things.

Some ideas look good on paper or in your head, but reality can be disappointing. This is why we encourage you to constantly test your ideas. How does it look on phones or tablets? How do the colors work for you? Do you have to shorten or extend your text? Do you have to add or remove something?

It is perfectly normal to tweak your primary idea – do not hesitate to change a few things.

What changes have we implemented on Dotinum?

Many things have changed, but the general structure of the website remained the same.

Changing the logo and colors

It was the first change that we implemented. Not only it refreshed our company, but it also set a direction for the website, social media profiles and so on.

We started with the previous colors: dark blue and red. Although they are creating nice contrast, they are dark and rather gloomy. Additionally, this color story is too similar to another of our brands, MSERWIS. Our goal was to stay with the blues and reds, but lighter shades.

The logo also needed an update. The shape of the signet remained the same but we replaced it with a more dimensional form.

dotinum rebranding logo

Consistency of icons

As we said in the beginning, our paged lacked consistency. We were using a few sets of icons with different colors, shapes, styles, etc. Overall, we admit, it was a mess.

While creating the icons, our graphic designer decided to stick with the style and colors of the logo. As a result, the whole page is coherent. Furthermore, by creating the visuals by ourselves, we have full rights to those images. Thanks to that, we do not have to fear copyright issues. Also, it will be easier to add more icons or pictures, as we are not tied to the bank images from where we bought them.

rebranding dotinum icons

Improving the visibility of important information

Up to this moment, we did not have a clear hierarchy of information. One of the most important aspects of our website is to highlight what we do for our clients, what we deliver, and what is our specialty. Yes, it was visible, but barely. You could easily scroll past it and not pay much attention to it.

rebranding dotinum visuals

Now this issue has been fixed. We moved this section much higher, almost to the top of the page.

dotinum rebranding visibility

Additionally, the technologies that we are working on are now better presented.

dotinum rebranding technologies

Adding FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions was an element that our page was lacking. Now we placed 3 categories of questions with answers:

  • software house,
  • product configurators,
  • WordPress,

at the bottom of our page.

dotinum rebranding faq


Rebranding or just refreshing your website is always a challenging task, but a rewarding one for sure. To go smoothly through it we advise you to:

  • set up your goal,
  • prepare a detailed brief,
  • check what your competitors do,
  • create better content than the previous one,
  • constantly test your ideas and do not fear to change them.