How to recognize a good and trustworthy software house?

Finding a software house is one thing – but how can you know if it is a good one? After all, you will hire this company to create your important project and give them your hard earned money. It is wise to do an extensive and precise research before the start of the project rather than in the middle. Why should you lose money when you can just prepare properly?

Look at the 6 signs we have gathered. They will surely help you determine if your choice was correct or not.

Software house has a portfolio section

With such section you can analyze if the chosen software house has:

  • a desired range of previous projects,
  • a visual side that fits your taste,
  • an experience with working in a similar industry.

And what if a software house does not have a portfolio section? Either they are beginning their journey or do not have any previous clients. The first case is not that bad – after all, we have all started somewhere, right? If other signs are good, give them a chance. The second option should be a red flag, if they have been in the industry for few years already. At this point, they should have at least 2–3 projects behind them. If not, something is wrong – either with design or with how they work. Be wary.

Check Dotinum’s portfolio and who knows, maybe it will be the beginning of our adventure?

You can check case studies

It is not the most important feature, but let’s talk about it anyway. Case study section is similar to the previously discussed point, portfolio, but a more detailed one. By looking at the case studies you get to look more closely at a software house work process. How are they handling the project? What obstacles have they stumbled upon and how have they conquered them? If they have worked on a similar project to yours, you can see how they have handled it.

Software house does not avoid answering your questions

You sure have a lot of questions. Good and trustworthy software house will not hide anything from you. No matter how trivial they may seem, your questions are valid, important and every company should answer them honestly. If the software house is avoiding answering or giving you short, inaccurate answers – avoid working with such company.

They are clear with terms and conditions

Your agreement between the software house and you is a significant point while working together. If some points are unclear or you are just not sure about them, ask for clarification or changes. If the chosen software house is acting shady about your agreement, thank them for their time and find someone else.

Readiness to say “no”

Do not start working with someone who just accepts your every idea. Your software house has a team of hard working and smart people. They have more experience and know what can be a useful add-on or what just will make you lose money. If they are agreeing with everything you suggest, there are two options. One: you just have brilliant suggestions and they would not change a thing. Or option two, which is unfortunately more likely to happen: they just see you as a piggy bank. Remember: you are hiring a team of specialists and partners – and a good specialist will tell you “no” when it’s necessary.