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Selling activities are currently being concluded for the most part via the Internet. Many companies will surely continue to use this form when the pandemic is over. If you belong to the group of people running an online business, read how to set up a sales website, which will sell whatever you wish to. With our help, you can create it by yourself. 

How to create a sales website that will sell?   

Why are we supposed to create sales websites? The answer is simple – to sell. Yet unnecessarily at once. 

The marketing strategy comprises a wide variety of elements. The most important part is setting up your goal. When you know what you want to achieve, you can strive for its fulfillment using diverse methods. One of them is generating leads. 

What is a so-called lead?

Lead is a potential user that can use your service. They undergo the heating up process – starting from unfamiliar with a brand to its worshipper. 

How to guide the user along the way? One of the methods is to be knowledgeable about setting up the sales website and how you can benefit from it.

What is a Landing Page?

Landing Page is a single page where a prospective client, well, lands after clicking on an advert, e.g. on Facebook. 

The goals of the Landing Page may be varied. This may be, e.g. a website with a form to fill. After filling it, a lead will get an offer. It might be a subscription to a newsletter or an offer of purchase.

What we expect from the client on the website is MAA – The Most Anticipated Action.

However, before we explain how to create a Sales Landing Page, we will put in a few words on how a client can reach it.

The most common way is redirection from an advert on Facebook. Thus, you develop an attractive creation, set up a target group as most precisely as possible, and launch an advert. If your message is properly written with an aid of the language of benefits, a lead clicks an advert and is redirected to the Landing Page.

How to create a sales page – technical aspects

From a technical perspective, Landing Page can be very easy to launch. It can be achieved even without a need to purchase an extra service, such as a monthly subscription on the website offering ready-to-use Landing Page tools.

What is needed then? Any hosting with an intuitive graphic management display (e.g. cPanel) and script for quick installation of CMS WordPress. At a few clicks (Fig. 1), we can install a system, where we will be operating not only our Landing page, but the whole strategy of communication with the client (e-mail marketing). It can be done in a subdomain or in a completely new domain.    

site sofware wordpress
Fig. 1

How will you benefit from the sales website?

A good sales website allows you to collect leads. After redirecting the users from social media, you can encourage them to leave their email. But not for free – offer some small virtual gif, like:

  • guidebook, 
  • checklist, 
  • video. 

It is worth mentioning, that you pay for redirection to the Landing Page. According to many marketers it is the most effective strategy of paying for a user’s reactions. 

You can also enrich your Landing Page by implementing the Facebook pixel. It is a fragment of the code generated by Facebook advertising tools. Pixel records and reports Facebook users’ reactions to your Landing Page. It tracks website visitors’ actions: who has clicked, signed up, ordered. Thanks to it, you can use remarketing on said clients. 

Remarketing means showing them adverts in the search engine, and also sending mailings. It differs from an advertising campaign – remarketing displays messages to visitors who have already been to your website. In consequence – they are potential clients interested in a product you sell. Also, you get a higher chance of a conversion.

Perhaps the most crucial answer to the question of how to create a website is : 

how to define its clear goal and ensure that a user meets it.

An e-mail left by a potential client allows to independently create and manage the communication policy:

  • type, 
  • range 
  • and the frequency of it. 

In other words, a lead is let in the sales funnel and notifications of various actions, types of promotions, important events in the company or new materials on your blog can be sent to him.

The entirety of the Landing Page process and e-mail marketing service may be handled by the WordPress free plug-in:

Fig. 2

First of all, it enables to design the Landing Page with an option to collect e-mails and other data (e.g. name, surname, phone number – Fig. 2) and save in the system database, and then run an e-mail marketing according to various scenarios (Fig. 3).

Fig. 3

It is worth testing

The next feature of MailPoet is the ability to create a few versions of the forms. This allows testing distinct solutions (A/B tests). You can check which message on the button will work better, which layout is more readable, where prospective clients get lost, which colors are more pleasant etc.

How to make the sales website – in terms of communication

In order that the sales LP fulfills its role well, it must be well-prepared in terms of communication. It is even more important than the technical aspects. Here are several guidelines on how to make clients madly click on a sales website.

Marketing persona

First off, think it over to whom you are speaking. Create an imaginary person, that will be your customer. Think about a few things:

  • what he/she needs, 
  • what are his/her fears, 
  • and dispel those fears.

After all, you will differently approach your potential customers. Entrepreneurs whom you offer a CRM system, mothers, who are supposed to collect their guidebook, doctors to enroll for the conference – all of them need a different ways of communication. Identify their problem and find a solution.

Elements of a good sales website – 5 tips

A good sales website must contain few elements. Below you will find 5 tips on what components should be placed on it. They will help to engage a recipient and will allay his/her fears.

It is a  good practice to write a website according to the AIDA model. What is the AIDA model? It implies how consumers are moving through a series of steps or stages when they  are making while purchasing. 

Attention – The consumer becomes aware of a category, product or brand (usually through advertising).

Interest – The consumer becomes interested by learning about brand benefits & how the brand fits with the lifestyle.

Desire – The consumer develops a favorable disposition towards the brand.

Action – The consumer forms a purchase intention, shops around, engages in trial or makes a purchase.

how to create a sales website that will sell
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But let us go back to 5 tips on which elements your Landing Page should contain:

1. Half-round buttons – according to the research they convert better than rectangular ones;

2. CTA – Call To Action. Communicate what the client is ordered to do. It is worth writing CTA in the 1st person (“I buy”, “I sign up”, “I collect a guidebook”);

3. The following layout of sections:

· What kind of product/service is it?

· For whom is it intended?

· What will clients benefit from it?

· How will their life/job change after using your service

· Why is it worth making use of it? – opinions expressed by previous users will work well here (social proof).

4. FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions. What people may not know? Those questions will dispel doubts as to the quality, materials used, the form, etc. Remember the curse of knowledge – the fact that you know something does not mean that everyone else does

5. Contact form – make it easy to reach you


How to create a sales website? Here is a brief checklist of what you need:

· The website, preferably in a new domain or subdomain – although it is not necessary if we have a website managed through WordPress.

· Simply managed hosting with an option to launch WordPress.

· plug-in.

· Designs of your own Landing Pages (Forms), created with the help of

· Campaign acquiring e-mail addresses of people, who have moved onto Landing Page from the company’s webpage on Facebook.

· E-mails ( A welcome e-mail, newsletter, the latest notifications of new entries (on a daily, weekly, monthly basis or even immediately upon their publication).

Have you got any questions? You do not know how to create an effective sales website? Write a comment, share your opinion. And send the article to your friends, who have moved their business to the Web and can require a quick LP.

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