How a properly selected domain will support a marketing campaign?

You won’t benefit from preparing a promotional campaign if the information about it is hidden somewhere in the abyss of your website and an extremely long link leads to it. 

Obviously, there are tools like, thanks to which you will manage to shorten each long link. Note, however, that it is then a random string that no user will remember. To recreate it, he would have to copy it or save it somewhere – otherwise, he won’t reach the destination.

In order to deal with this problem – register a shorter and easier to remember domain which you will use in promotional campaigns. When creating it, you can either focus on its name or the selection of an appropriate extension depending on your marketing activities. But more on that in a moment – let’s start with a domain name.

Proper domain name

A domain supporting a promotional product campaign is usually the name of the product. There shouldn’t be too large of a discrepancy between the product name and the domain promoting it. Instead of making things easier, it will make it more difficult to remember. Plus, it will be inconsistent.

For this reason, it is so important to think about a domain at the stage of creating the product name. Also, immediately check the availability of the said domain.

How to name a product?

Remember, if you plan to register a domain that will promote your new product (while thinking about its name), check immediately whether the corresponding domain name is available.

If it is already taken, you can, for example, add a prefix or an ending to the word (avoid hyphens). Apple successfully uses this technique by naming its products iPhone, iPad or iPod. The company has registered appropriate domains for them, which redirect to specific subpages of the home page, e.g. domain redirects to

New domains in the marketing campaign

Not only a name but also a domain extension can influence the success of your promotional campaign. When deciding to register a domain with the .com extension, remember that you may come across problems with availability because many .com domains are already taken.

But not everything is lost. You can use the potential of new domains to create attractive and original marketing campaigns.

These extensions created new opportunities for promotion and user engagement. If they are strategically placed, they will be an attractive shortcut, directing users deeper into the structure of your website. Such addresses are also easier to promote in various communication channels.

Now let’s look at a few examples of using new domains in various types of promotional campaigns.

post-it with loyalty program written on it

Promote a loyalty program

To promote a loyalty program, use .club domain. Let’s say that your domain is a local business named Coffee Corner. You just created a loyalty program for it and, of course, you want to promote it. Therefore, you register a domain with .club extension, e.g. and you link it to the website. See how it is easier to remember and enter than e.g.

Trigger interest

You are introducing a new product to the market and want to do publicity around it. As a part of a promotion, you can create a dedicated website and register for it a domain with the .buzz extension.

For example, Access Fashion Media, a company organizing Fashion Weeks all around the world, decided to go beyond traditional .com extension and registered .buzz domains for these events. It allows them to trigger more interest and create engagement for Internet users.

Notify about the promotional offer

Are you organizing various promotions or sales? Show them to your customers using the domains with extensions such as, or .promo. If you plan an interesting offer for Black Friday, use .blackfriday extension for its promotion, e.g. In this way, your customers will intuitively know where to look for your promotional offer – without the necessity to memorize complicated addresses or looking in the browser.

Organize a contest

A great way to build engagement around a new product is all kinds of contests. You can use an easy-to-remember web address with the .win extension, to promote a contest in social media or other communication channels with customers.

Promote the event

If you want to promote a product, organize a specific event around it, make sure to use the .events extension in your campaign. Create a landing page with the calendar of events and promote it under a domain with this extension.

chalkboard with a drawn present and give away phrase

Tell more about the product

You surely want your customers to have the fullest possible information about your product and the possibilities of using it, right? A dedicated blog will be the best for this. We recommend the .blog extension, e.g. It will be a clear sign for Internet users that here they will find all necessary information and advice regarding a given product.

Another domain that can be used to publish the latest information about the products is .news. News portals eagerly register it and thanks to that, .news is quite well spread and deeply rooted in the awareness of the Internet users. Your company can also use it to provide news about its new offer.

Build a community

Companies often try to build a community around their brand or its selected products. Extensions such as .social or .community are perfect for that. Sheraton used that approach in their strategy as they used domain to post news and links to their social media. If you want to create a community around your product, use .forum extension. This way you can exchange the information and experience related to your product under domain.

Advertize a local campaign

You can target your offer or the campaign at the residents of a specific city. In such a case, it is best to use geographical domains. or .paris


Using a new domain as the main address for the promotion of your products may be a great marketing decision for your company. It will allow you to stand out from competitors, as new domains are not so popular in corporate marketing strategies – at least for now.

Good luck!